Thursday, January 3, 2013

Credentials and Experience in the IT Sector

As with any career or profession, the ranks of the IT industry professionals are riddled with different levels of expertise, university diplomas, doctorates and certificates, each designed to easily define and assess what a particular individual is capable of doing professionally.

Given the diverse range of disciplines, expertise and functions expected of staff, the areas of software, hardware and understanding network infrastructure has made the implementation of such markers industry a necessity responsible for the working of the organization and individual experts in IT, to help each other note that we are really skillful and familiar with.

But as with any career path or profession, the old "powers VS Experience" standard is also prevalent in the computing industry, with different organizations and entities having their say on what is most precious - titles skills or actual experience on the ground.

Although no clear answer can be given to such a dilemma, the weight of certain certificates, coupled with a sufficient work experience, have proven effective to emphasize real professionals from the rest with the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE ) certificate is one of the most respected in the world.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification

CCIE certification standard is primarily designed to validate the actual skills and professional capacities of professionals, targeting key disciplines involved in managed network services.

Assigned to the highest standard of certification given to qualified personnel, the standard is known for his thorough and complete evaluation of network management skills, delve into the areas of security, storage, network standards and data recovery the operations of service providers and more.

Qualifications for the certificate does not have the requirements to qualify, but only that their theory and knowledge of the field is at expert level to pass easily and perform validation and testing tools needed to obtain the certificate.

Even the number of years a computer expert has under his belt is not exactly a "problem", but as the entire IT landscape has proven years of experience and technical know-how proved be important in the transmission of CCIE certificate qualifying examinations and assessments.

With less than 30,000 CCIE certificate holders in the world, to say that a certificate CCIE easy would be an understatement, given the fact that the knowledge of the fundamentals and dynamics involved in the management services network is not enough to really help pass the qualifying standards for certification.

To some extent, the CCIE certification is the ideal of combining the experience and technical knowledge, all in one.